Alex Pallotta’s journey to recovery

Alex Pallotta and Deputy Mayor Norm KellyAlex Pallotta’s journey to recovery reached a landmark last week as her team raised $25,000 for the Journey to Conquer Cancer – 5K Run or Walk, warranting a scroll for outstanding community service from Toronto’s Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly.

Team Alex has been turning heads the past few months as they participate in their first ever Journey to Conquer Cancer on Sunday June 22 with proceeds going to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

The Deputy Mayor’s office approached Alex after learning of her team’s fundraising efforts and making their own personal donation.

“I was very honoured to receive it and very proud that the city was there to support me and the entire Princess Margaret community,” says Alex of her experience. “It’s comforting to know they recognize the hospital and its supporter’s efforts.”

Alex became involved in the Journey to Conquer Cancer after being diagnosed with Stage 2 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma last fall. At the time of diagnosis she had a 90 percent survival rate. Yet within two weeks her cancer had spread to her heart, lungs and bone marrow, increasing it to Stage 4 and decreasing her chance of survival to 50 percent.

Now officially in remission as of this week, Alex wants to give back to the hospital and supporters she says saved her life.

To Alex, The Princess Margaret is “an amazing place to be and a place to meet amazing people despite a horrible situation.”

“It’s the best of the best.”

To call the past eight months a journey for Alex would be an understatement. From being diagnosed and fighting for her life, to becoming Journey to Conquer Cancer’s second biggest fundraiser, recognition is the cherry on top.

“I had no idea what to expect,” says Alex when describing how she felt as she was getting ready to meet the Deputy Mayor. “Everyone kept saying ‘we’re rooting for you.’”

Alex however saw this as something bigger than herself. It’s about everyone being involved together to help find a cure for cancer.

This is something the Mayoral office recognized as well in Alex’s scroll calling Journey “a significant fundraiser honouring the many families and friends that are part of the cancer journey every step of the way.”

For Alex, this just is one step in her journey, her journey to recovery and her journey to help others going through their own.  

To become part of Journey and to support the goal to conquer cancer in our lifetime, please visit www.runorwalk.caAdded June 19, 2014