Profile for Canada's Most Comprehensive Immune Therapy Program

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is leading the way with Canada’s most comprehensive Immune Therapy program. The Globe and Mail’s science reporter Ivan Semeniuk shares the story:  
Breakthroughs in cancer research have a long history of being overhyped. But the enthusiasm for immunotherapy is different. It’s exciting because increasingly it works. And it just might become the most important therapy of all… [Read more]
We're proud of our strong roots in this exciting field of research. Flashback to 1984: Dr. Tak Mak, one of the most cited medical scientists in the world, identifies the T-cell receptor at OCI (now Princess Margaret Cancer Centre). Doors in immunology are opened as this groundbreaking discovery unlocks an essential key to the human immune system. 

Today, our Immune Therapy program studies the full spectrum of treatment under the direction of Dr. Pamela Ohashi, who completed her PhD training in Dr. Mak's lab and has since accumulated her own collection of prestigious awards and honours. In 2013, Dr. Ohashi spearheaded the establishment of Canada's first clinical trial in Adoptive T-cell Therapy, one of the areas of research profiled in The Globe and Mail article. 

Together, with our world-class experts in this field, The Princess Margaret will continue to lead the way as one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. 

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