Meet the Cancer Experts: What Drives Dr. Tracy McGaha?

Dr. Tracy McGaha likes a challenge. He also likes to solve puzzles, which is part of the reason he finds his job as a cancer researcher so satisfying. 

"Biology is the ultimate puzzle," says Dr. McGaha, a Senior Scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, who was recruited from Augusta University in 2015.
But the challenge is not what motivates him at the core. Instead, it's his desire to help people who are diagnosed with cancer.
"Coming into the hospital every day, you see these people who are going through these challenges and it just encourages me to try harder and so that's what drives me," Dr. McGaha says.
Dr. McGaha has a personal connection to this goal as well. His late father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 
"Seeing what he went through … it makes me want to do what I can to help people who are suffering," says Dr. McGaha.
The robots of Dr. McGaha's officeDr. McGaha studies how the body protects itself from immune attack and how immune protective mechanisms affect attempts to fight tumors.

A trip to Dr. McGaha's office in the Cancer Centre, however, reveals a glimpse of a man with many interests outside of science too.

Any visitors will notice the skateboard and the Shogun Warrior robot toys (shown at right) that are kept just as close to his desk as his scientific textbooks.