Dr. Barry Rosen is honoured

Dr. Barry Rosen is the head of Gynecologic Oncology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre as well as the head of the division of gynecologic oncology in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Toronto.  This year, the Gynecologic Oncology Society of Canada (GOC) honoured Dr. Rosen with their most prestigious award—the Presidential Medal.
The GOC Presidential Medal is awarded to those who have made immense contributions to gynecologic oncology and is presented to any individual, group or organization that has made especially meritorious contributions to gynecologic oncology.  The award recognizes public service, leadership, academia and research.  The recipient must have spent the majority of their professional career in the discipline of gynecologic oncology.
Dr. Rosen’s contributions are recognized around the world.  His work in helping women with cervical cancer in Kenya is well known.  In addition, to his personal contributions, he engaged his colleagues at the University of Toronto and at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to help train Kenyan surgeons and build a new cancer centre in Eldoret, Kenya.