Dr. Anthony Finelli

Dr. Anthony FinelliBack in 1958 at The Princess Margaret, a physician by the name of Vera Peters pioneered a new approach to breast cancer surgery which is known today as lumpectomy—a procedure that is an alternative to mastectomy and conserves as much healthy breast tissue as possible. Hundreds of thousands of women have benefited from this surgical enhancement.

Dr. Finelli is a leading surgeon and urologic oncologist, and he is conducting research to determine if partial nephrectomy, first introduced to treat kidney cancer in the 1980’s, represents a preferred alternative to radical nephrectomy (removal of entire kidney) for most kidney cancer patients. Similar to lumpectomy, a partial nephrectomy preserves as much of the patient’s healthy tissue as possible which is better for their long-term health, especially for those who suffer from other medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure that effect kidney function.

His original research has shown that between 1995 and 2004, only 10 percent of the surgeries performed to remove kidney cancer were partial nephrectomies. Furthermore, patients with diabetes or high blood pressure were as likely to have radical nephrectomy as they were a partial nephrectomy. Through his research, his academic publishing, and through his national and international teaching, Dr. Finelli is providing the information and the instruction to encourage both patients and doctors to fight to save as much kidney function as possible.

Reviewed: October 2013