Creating tomorrow’s treatment today

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre operates the largest radiation medicine program in North America under a single roof, delivering treatment to over 600 patients every day.  The centre also has one of the world’s most productive radiation research programs that is continuously implementing enhancements that make radiation treatment more safe, precise and effective.

This year, under the leadership of Dr. David Jaffray, The Princess Margaret begins operation of its first-in-the-world magnetic resonance (MR)-guided radiation therapy facility.  An MR scanner mounted on ceiling rails (so it can move in and out of the suites) will be used to increase the accuracy of brachytherapy (the surgical insertion of radioactive seeds near a tumor) as well as external beam radiation delivery. 

These suites will enable our scientists and physicians to pursue research in the new area of adaptive radiation therapy where a patient is evaluated after every second or third treatment, and their plan is fine tuned as they respond to their personalized plan. The high quality MR images allow physicians to see in great detail how tumors are responding. We are exploiting our strong proficiency with imaging technology to find ways to incorporate this re-planning in ways that are efficient and affordable for our medical system.