Celebrating 20 Years in the Princess Margaret Atrium!

Twenty years ago, the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre was relocated from Sherbourne Street to a brand new building constructed at 610 University, where it continues to operate today. And in this new space—in a beautiful five floor atrium—a wonderful tradition began and has continued for twenty years.

The 20th anniversary of Music in the Atrium was celebrated on February 17—a tradition of weekly lunch time performances by recognized Canadian musicians. The program was made possible, and continues to be made possible through the commitment and philanthropy of The Tauba and Solomon Spiro Family Foundation who created the program in honour of Max Tanenbaum.

Tauba and Solomon Spiro with their son David

The debut performer at Music in the Atrium twenty years ago was the internationally recognized Canadian actor and tenor, Michael Burgess. That set the tone for the very high caliber of musical talent that the program has been able to attract. For many years, Michael continued to perform at Music in the Atrium, but sadly, he passed away last year.

In twenty years, there have been about 1,000 performances of Music in the Atrium, and Tauba Spiro has attended most of them. A true patron of music and the arts, and generous philanthropist.

The program represents The Princess Margaret’s commitment, along with our donor’s commitment, to providing the best environment and holistic care and support for patients and their families. Each Wednesday when you come into The Princess Margaret at noon, the atrium is filled with the sound of wonderful music, and, in the summer time, there are well-attended jazz performances held on the Max Tanenbaum Roof Garden.

In thanking the Spiro family for their enduring support of the cancer centre, Dr. Gary Rodin, Head of Supportive Care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre said, “At The Princess Margaret, we are committed to providing a healing and uplifting environment, and Music in the Atrium, Jazz for the Soul and the Max Tanenbaum Roof Garden are key components of this environment.”

The musicians performing for the 20th anniversary were David Warrack, Jackie Richardson, Susan Cuthbert and J.P. Gedeon.