We see Progress in the Fight Against Cancer

Glen Snowdon is a fighter. Diagnosed with cancer 35 years ago, Glen was given just a 15% chance of survival. Today, he is in his 80th year and helping patients and their families by  donating every month to The Princess Margaret.
When Glen was first diagnosed, he was told he would probably be in the hospital for several months. “Both my legs were paralyzed,” Glen recalls. “But my little girl’s birthday was coming up and her only wish was for me to come home for her birthday. I couldn’t let her down.” True to his word, after two weeks in the hospital, Glen was discharged and able to walk out of the hospital on July 10th, his daughter Shelley’s 11th birthday!
“Glen was extremely determined,” recalls his wife, Joanne. “And everyone at The Princess Margaret was very supportive. We knew we were in good hands, and this was key to Glen’s quick recovery.”
The family started donating in 1994 and have been Partners for Hope monthly supporters since 2008. “We were overwhelmed by the number of people all at this one hospital, all with cancer,” explains Glen. “We wanted to help.”
“We’re amazed at how survival rates have increased over the years,” says Joanne. They’ve also seen how research advances fuel better patient care. During a more recent diagnosis of cancer, Glen benefitted from advances in brachytherapy, a procedure that places radioactive seeds in the prostate to deliver radiation. “Glen was in and out of the hospital in one morning with very little discomfort,” recalls Joanne. “We were impressed.”
Their wish is for successful outcomes for all patients. Joanne says, “it’s a great hospital working all the time at cancer.”
Join Glen and Joanne by partnering with scientists, doctors and nurses in fighting cancer every day. To become a Partners for Hope monthly supporter, contact Karina Wong at 416-946-4501 ext. 3107 or karina.wong@thepmcf.ca.
Added June 2014.