The Deloitte Green Dot Riders connect in their efforts to conquer cancer

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is fortunate to have the support and counsel of a very active and accomplished volunteer Board of Directors.  One of those members, Glenn Ives, is also Chair of Deloitte’s Board, and he’s an avid cyclist.  Back in 2011, Glenn encouraged 10 other colleagues at Deloitte to register for the 200km Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer and use the training for the two-day Ride as part of their personal fitness.

The team grew to 75 riders in 2014, and thanks to this year’s Team Up Challenge in October—which got them preparing early—they now have a team of over 150 preparing for the 2015 Ride!

According to Glenn, “The benefits of participating in the Ride are two-fold.  We’re proud to raise a lot of money for cancer research which The Princess Margaret really needs to conquer this disease, but the preparation for the event encourages the good health and wellness of our employees and provides the platform for our large number of employees to connect and engage in meaningful ways—entry-level business analysts selling raffle tickets and riding alongside partners.”

The Deloitte Green Dot Riders are active and organized.  In addition to their individual fundraising efforts, the team hosts fundraising events across Ontario including Jeans Days, garage sales and bake sales. Their Organizing Committee builds the fundraising pipeline and helps identify new ideas.  For example, this year, they are trying a ‘Beer for a Year’ fundraiser which they heard another team had good success with.

Team Captain, Brenda Brazier, says, “Starting early is really key.  This year we started promoting the Ride to our employees—with a special focus on new employees—in October.  We also encourage employees to invite their friends and family to join the team.  As a special motivator, the company offered to pay the Ride registration fees for a limited time.”

Deloitte has been active with the Ride across the country.  They also have teams riding in the Rides in British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta. 

Congratulations to the Deloitte Green Dot Riders!

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