Team Lindsay is the next team to double up!

Lisa Ashbourne has been registered for the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer for the past four years.  In 2013, along with friends and family, she built a team of 11 riders, and in 2015 they will be a team of at least 23 riders.  

Lisa made the decision to get involved with the Ride after her sister-in-law, Lindsay, was diagnosed with inoperable/incurable brain cancer.  Lindsay was pregnant at the time of her diagnosis, and had to have an emergency C-section to deliver her daughter, Makenna.  Fortunately, Lindsay is living a happy and full life with her family, and plans to be riding with the team that bears her name in 2015.

The age range of Team Lindsay goes from mid-20’s to 65+, with their ‘senior’ riders, Wil and Judy Tranter, proud to be keeping up with (even passing!) the youngsters on the team.  It’s important to Lisa that all members of her team feel supported both in getting physically prepared for the 200km ride, and also in their fundraising efforts.  They plan a few group spin classes and some outdoor rides as the weather warms up.  And the $5,000 they will receive as one of the ten winning teams of the Tim Hockey Challenge will help the riders needing it most.

The team members balance their individual fundraising efforts with a few group activities including raffles, pub nights and poker nights.

There are now two cancer survivors on Team Lindsay, and when asked about her motivation for continuing to ride, Lisa replied, “More yellow flags!” 
Congratulations Team Lindsay!

Team Lindsay

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