Sharon Mitchell

Sharon Mitchell and her familyWhen Sharon Mitchell met Joe Finley, he was recovering from aggressive cancer treatment and although physically frail, Sharon was struck by his tenacity, drive and natural ability to inspire. “I wanted to be involved in Joe’s grassroots vision to create a special event,” says Sharon. Little did she know when volunteering for Joe’s Team just how poignant a connection she was forging for the future.
In 2012, her brother-in-law, Bruce, was diagnosed with brain cancer and Sharon along with her family experienced first-hand the groundbreaking research and patient care that Joe’s Team supports at Princess Margaret. “It became very personal very quickly,” says Sharon, “You just hope that the researchers and doctors have developed a successful treatment for the stage of cancer your family member needs.”
Three generations of Sharon’s family now participate in Joe’s Team. “My parents-in-law are cheerleaders, my husband and two step-daughters participate, I volunteer and Bruce provides on-site support with his uplifting attitude as he pushes through his ongoing cancer challenges,” says Sharon. “We are incredibly grateful to Joe’s Team for continuing to raise money for cancer research that translates into exceptional care and compassion at Princess Margaret.”

You can’t miss Sharon – she’s the volunteer wildly cheering with orange feathery boas tossed around her neck and an encouraging smile that’s as wide as Lake Joe.

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Written by: Cassie Connolly
Added: April 2014