Ruth Baillie

Ruth BallileIt was 1958. Ruth Baillie, recently arrived from England, received very sad news that her young daughter Caroline had neuroblastoma, a fatal childhood cancer.

It's because of this history that Ruth believes research is something she needs to invest in. She wants to help find a cure for cancer, and that's what she's doing as a member of Princess Margaret Hospital's monthly giving club, Partners for Hope.

“My interest in cancer research goes back a long way. We received such incredible kindness from Dr. Darte and all the doctors who treated Caroline.” Eventually, Caroline's oncologist, Dr. John Darte, became the head of Princess Margaret Hospital’s research arm, Ontario Cancer Institute.

Over the past 50 years, research advances have led to treatment options that offer hope to other families who, like the Baillies, find themselves in a battle with cancer. Without the generosity of people like Ruth, those breakthroughs would never have happened. Thanks to research, the survival rates for some cancers have doubled, compared to just a few short decades ago.

As a retired nurse and the mother of a child who succumbed to cancer, Ruth Baillie understands the tremendous need to continue to vigorously support research and provide the very best care for cancer patients. She keeps up with new advances through information she receives from The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

In 2003, she switched from making single donations to giving on a monthly basis by becoming a member of Partners for Hope: “I feel it's an easier way to provide financial support and to remember my daughter and Dr. Darte, as well as the researchers.”

As Ruth would surely tell you, Partners for Hope is not about the amount you give. It's about giving each and every month, so the hospital has a steady and reliable source of income to count on.


Reviewed: October 2013