RACH 3-Pitch Tournament hits 10-year milestone!

RACH3-Pitch Tournament
Team GTx

One weekend every June, the town of Parry Sound rallies around the Higgins family and supports their RACH 3-Pitch Tournament. 

The event begins with a big Friday night fish fry and some great music, followed by a two-day tournament involving 32 teams.  “The event has become a ‘homecoming’ of sorts for young people from Parry Sound—many of whom went to school with Rachel,” explains her mother, Joanne Higgins.  “It’s a lot of work, but we have a lot of fun, and we do it all in loving memory of our very special daughter.”

The event has raised over $631,000, with a large portion being used to help build The Princess Margaret’s Guided Therapeutics (GTx) Program, including the revolutionary GTx Operating Room which opened this year.  Dr. Jonathan Irish and the GTx team  go to Parry Sound to participate.  “I get the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to some really special people at this event,” he says.  “This community has helped to create the country’s most technologically-advanced cancer operating room which will be improving outcomes for patients like Rachel Higgins.”