Paul Gauthier

Paul GauthierPaul Gauthier was living his dream of flying the world as an airline attendant when he received his diagnosis of prostate cancer in 1996. Radiation therapy held it in check but by September 2003, tests revealed he had elevated prostate-specific antigen levels. Paul needed additional treatment.

Paul's oncologist, Dr. John Trachtenberg, suggested he consider participating in a photodynamic therapy (PDT) study. PDT uses a light-sensitive drug that is activated by ultraviolet rays. The energy is transferred via laser to the targeted tissue, destroying cancer cells. While the initial procedure went well, Paul required a repeat PDT procedure two years later. This time, recovery proved difficult and a new treatment was needed. He began hormone therapy.

"It's been a rough trip but with all the support I've had, I'm coming out of it," says Paul who looks at his prostate cancer as a manageable condition. He's learned to appreciate every day. "I literally stop on the street to smell the roses," he says. "I don't focus on the negative."

As a monthly donor to the Foundation for over 12 years, Paul has also left a gift to The Princess Margaret in his Will. "I've seen treatments improve over the years," says Paul. "People are living longer than they were 30 years ago." Paul retired in 2007 after 39 years as a flight attendant but travel remains his passion. He doesn't intend to let cancer ground him from seeing the world.

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Reviewed: October 2013