Mark Baldwin

Mark Baldwin loved nature, people and history, and his wife Jeannie appreciates how he grounded her in reality. He also loved his football, Howard Stern, The Rolling Stones and the Who. In short, he loved life and lived it to the fullest even when he was fighting cancer. Jeannie had to say good-bye to him just after they celebrated 20 years of marriage, and after complications from a stem cell transplant left him unable to fight an aggressive pneumonia.

It’s dreadfully hard to lose a husband who is just 48 years old and a young father, but Jeannie Baldwin is clearly someone who will spend the rest of her life looking at what she had with her husband and not what she missed. “Mark would not want to be remembered with sad tears, but rather with laughter and joy. He loved to laugh, listen to great music and enjoy life,” she shared in an e-mail to friends.

Jeannie has also taken much time and effort to thank the incredible nurses and physicians at The Princess Margaret who cared for Mark. To the many friends and family who wanted to do something to honour Mark, she asked that they make a donation to the Bone Marrow Transplant Fund at The Princess Margaret.

Rhys Baldwin
A month after losing Mark, Jeannie was especially touched and cried ‘happy tears’ when the daycare centre and school attended by their son Rhys donated the proceeds of their penny drive to the Bone Marrow Transplant Fund – a grand total of $623.06! Michelle Strople, Supervisor at LeRoux Froebel Bilingual School, suggested The Princess Margaret as the recipient for the pennies donated by the children. “It has been really wonderful to see how excited the children are when they bring in their pennies to put in the bottle. It touches my heart each time,” she says.

One of Mark’s goals, had he been able to fight off his pneumonia, was to bring visibility to how easy it is to donate stem cells, and, thanks to global registries, this gift could save the life of someone anywhere in the world. Jeannie and little Rhys would appreciate it if you would check out this important link:

Reviewed: October 2013