Kitty Cohen

Kitty Cohen Every Walker has a story; a compelling reason to be involved in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. One particular story emerged as arguably the most inspiring of the 2008 Walk, and that was the tale of Kitty Cohen. At 95 years of age, Kitty was, by a large margin, the oldest participant in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.
Kitty raised $3,390 towards the WEBC. “Part of my training was walking to people’s homes to pick up the money,” she chuckles. But don’t underestimate Kitty’s fitness level in spite of her advanced age. Her weekly schedule includes yoga as well as tap, square and Celtic dancing at the Bathurst Jewish Community Centre. “I come here every morning of the week starting at 8:30, except on the Sabbath.” Blessed with good health, Kitty shares her secret to longevity: “My secret is to keep moving.”
While walking through Toronto during the WEBC, Kitty’s presence was noted, and she was applauded heartily by fellow Walkers and at cheering stations. But the greatest ovation was reserved for the finale, when Kitty’s arrival was announced and a thunderous welcome ensued. Kitty danced across the finish line, waving to the crowd and beaming while hundreds of photographs were taken.
Kitty’s daughter, Bernie Riley, who was also a participant, mentions, “She’s always been amazing and totally inspiring.” Bernie acknowledges why her mother participated in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. “She knows how very lucky she is to be healthy, and is totally committed to using her innate gift in raising money and awareness for the cure to end breast cancer.”
“The beauty of life is to give,” states Kitty. “I feel so privileged that I was created with a special desire to help others. I hope I’m alive to see the end of breast cancer.” Thinking you can’t possibly walk the 60 kms. on The Weekend to End Breast Cancer? If Kitty can, so can you!
Reviewed: October 2013