Kerri Lee and Kevin Middleton

The MiddletonsWhen Kerri Lee and her husband, Kevin Middleton, started their online tea business, Lee-Middleton Gourmet Tea, they wanted to find a way for their new business to support a cause close to home, breast cancer research, in a big way.
“I do not know one person whose life has not been touched by breast cancer and I know that my family wants to see an end to it. Any difference we can make is worth all our hard work,” say Kerri Lee.
Inspired by her step mother Ida’s courage and strength throughout her cancer treatment, Kerri chose a special blend of green tea with strawberry and papaya to honour her and named it Ida’s Vitalitea.  Ida’s image, drawn by Kerri’s grandfather Eric Lee, a gifted artist, can be seen on the tea’s pink label. “The best part,” Kerri says, “is that net proceeds from each tin will go to The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research at The Princess Margaret.”  

“My step mother was treated for breast cancer at The Princess Margaret and Toronto General Hospital and credits them both for the fact that she is with us 13 years later. It just made sense for us to support a top cancer research hospital.”
Kerri and her husband hope to raise much needed money for breast cancer research by selling a lot of tea. Their online store launched in July 2006 with rave reviews from their family and friends with Ida’s Vitalitea receiving high praise. 

  Reviewed: October 2013