Jordana Goldman and Fredi Kent

Jordana GoldmanCarie Elgar died from leukemia in December 2005 at the age of 42. Jordana Goldman and Fredi Kent joined forces to raise money for leukemia research and patient care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, in memory of their family friend Carie, and to do their part against cancer.

“I was close to her, and I was really sad. I wanted to do something,” says Jordana Goldman, age 11. “I started making flower pens and selling them to my friends for $2 to raise money for The Princess Margaret. The pens flew out the door so I taught my friend, Fredi, and we just kept making them to sell.”

“Carie was like a second mom to me,” says Fredi Kent, age 11. “I really miss her and I think about her all the time. It is really important to me to feel that I have done something to help people and to help fight cancer. I know that Carie would have been so proud of us.”

“Raising money to help others is a great thing and it makes us feel wonderful,” adds Jordana. “I feel very proud of what we accomplished because our dream of doing something for Carie came true. We’re giving our money to the hospital because we hope to help other people and to put an end to this disease. We hope that someday soon no one will have to go through what Carie went through.”

“These flower pens put a smile on everyone’s faces,” says Fredi. “Everybody likes them and I know that when they buy them, they’re thinking about people who have cancer right now and hoping they get better. Maybe other kids who hear about us could also think of ways they could raise money to help cure cancer also. What we really hope is that when we grow up, there won’t be any more cancer.”

The successful team work from the two best friends helped them raise over $1,800 for cancer research, patient care and education at The Princess Margaret.



Reviewed: October 2013