Jeanne Barbadoro talks about why she supports The Princess Margaret using ChangeIt®

Jeanne Barbadoro is an enthusiastic early adopter of ChangeIt®, a program that allows donors to automatically round up their electronic purchases made using their BMO or RBC credit cards and donate the difference to their charity of choice. Jeanne answered some questions for us regarding the ChangeIt service, and why she chooses to direct her donations to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Why is ChangeIt a good way for YOU to support your favourite philanthropic cause?
It is an easy way to make a donation to a charity of choice. As a purchase is made on a credit card, the amount is rounded to the next dollar and at the end of the month all of that small change is added together and given to The Princess Margaret. ChangeIt calculates the spare change for the donation in the background. By contributing small amounts over months, it feels like less of a financial burden than an equivalent one-time donation..
In your opinion, who else should consider ChangeIt as an opportunity to support a cause that is important to them?
Anyone who uses a credit card and believes in making donations to charities. It is simple and is in place for as long as the donor wants to make a contribution. A donation can be made to more than one charity and it can be changed anytime.
ChangeIt makes it easy to give monthly – one purchase at a time.  Plus, ChangeIt has made it fast and easy to make one-time donations to any charity without having to provide personal or credit card information again.
I will be adding a second charity to my account. I asked this particular charity to partner with ChangeIt so that I can donate to them monthly instead of a one-time donation.  
How long did it take you to sign up for and start using ChangeIt?
Not long, the ChangeIt website is very user friendly, so I simply logged on to their website and signed up. The entire process took just a few minutes.
Do you get reports from ChangeIt on how much you have donated to your cause?  Do you get a tax receipt for these donations? 
Yes, I can see how each purchase was rounded up and each of the monthly rounding donations.  In addition, at the end of the year, I receive a consolidated report by charity showing how much I have given for the calendar year.  The tax receipt is provided by the charity, and I can use my annual report to ensure I have received all my receipts.
Can you put some controls or caps on how much you donate monthly using ChangeIt?
Yes, when someone initially signs up, ChangeIt makes it easy by assigning default controls/caps, including a monthly minimum and maximum donation.  I can change these when signing up or at any time.