It was surreal!

Night of Distortion

Katherine Newman is a grateful daughter, and besides gratitude, she is full of energy and creativity.  She wanted to raise funds for the immune therapy research program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre that helped her father, so she planned an evening where the theme of scientific innovation was paired with the theme of artistic innovation.

Held at The Corkin Gallery in Toronto’s Distillery District, the Night of Distortion was inspired by the Surrealist movement of the 1920’s where the focus was on liberating the imagination.  250 guests got to enjoy a specially-curated art exhibit along with entertainers, costumed staff plus food and beverages—all appropriately themed. 

The Night of Distortion raised $500,000, which Emmanuelle Gattuso generously matched for a total of $1 million for the immune therapy program.

“I believe strongly in the potential of a doctor who wears both hats—physician and scientist,” stated Katherine.  “My father is being treated by Dr. Marcus Butler, whose passion combined with the remarkable responses seen in patients receiving immune therapy, including my father, makes it a no-brainer—this research deserves support.”