Guided Therapeutics Combined with New Robotic Technology

GTx Operating Room
A very generous gift from the Muzzo family has launched The Princess Margaret into an exciting new era of surgical oncology.
In order to make surgery less invasive and allow patients to recover more quickly, The Princess Margaret surgeons are now able to use robotics technology that allows them to perform surgery and remove tumours without ever touching a patient. Our expertise in guided therapeutics is being married with technology provided through the newly-acquired da Vinci Surgical System, enabling our surgeons to sit at a console and direct the robot’s actions using ‘joysticks’ or foot pedals.
Studies have shown that this type of minimally invasive surgery results in reduced toxicity, decreased treatment time, and overall better outcomes for the patient.
This important technology is also being used to train new surgeons and to develop and test new procedures. One of the most exciting applications of the new technology may be ‘telesurgery’ where a skilled surgeon could perform surgery on a patient thousands of kilometres away by operating the controls of a robot in that location.
“We are very proud to be affiliated with such a world-class facility and to be able to contribute to such leading edge technology with the potential to directly impact a patient’s recovery in a very difficult time,” says Marc Muzzo.
Reviewed: October 2013