Esther and Irving Matlow

The MatlowsA member of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation’s monthly giving club, Irving Matlow, shares his motivation for being a member of Partners for Hope...

For many years, my wife, Esther and I, have been supportive of hospitals in Toronto, and especially The Princess Margaret, and we made an annual or a semi-annual donation to them. But several years ago we decided to become monthly donors to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

“We felt that a regular monthly donation would be beneficial in planning
the budgetary needs of the research projects at the hospital and
it also eases the budgetary planning of our family.”

We were most impressed on a “Behind the Scenes” tour at The Princess Margaret to meet with Dr. John Trachtenberg and his fellow scientists, and learn of their research to seek new methods for prostate cancer treatment. You become amazed at the advances made by researchers over the past few years in the treatment of cancer.

If I will not benefit directly from their efforts, I am certain thousands of other men will.

“This gives me hope that the research undertaken today, will advance the control and treatment of this illness in the future.”

I remember a story about a young man who saw an elderly man plant an olive tree, and asked him; “Isn’t it foolish for you to plant a tree whose fruit will only be available in thirty years?” The older man replied, “If I don’t plant it today, my grandchildren will not be able to enjoy the fruits of this tree in the future”.

Reviewed: October 2013