Delia Deacon

Delia DeaconIf you are a parent of young children and being treated for cancer, you have the additional worry about the impact of your disease on them. How much do you tell them? Do you let them see you feeling vulnerable? Do you let them see your bald head?

Andie Duncan has been treated for cervical cancer at The Princess Margaret, and she and her husband Andrew Deacon have naturally been concerned about their son Bodie (10) and daughter Delia (8). The good news, as they found out, was that Bodie and Delia had already learned that you feel better about something bad when you do something helpful.

On Thanksgiving weekend at their cottage on Christian Island, they came up with the idea of selling their toys door to door to raise money for cancer. They enlisted the help of their friends, Wally, Sophie and Charlotte, and their cash register was a plastic margarine tub. Their plan: “Certain toys had a price, but for all the others, it was ‘pay what you can’, but it had to be at least ten cents!” Through their hard work and excellent pricing, they raised $148.01 for The Princess Margaret.

The Foundation staff was delighted that the children delivered their donation personally. It confirmed what we all believe--everyone can do something to help conquer cancer!

Reviewed: October 2013