Carmela & Vito Burdi

Carmela and Vito Burdi’s 50 years of marriage to one another was a wonderful cause for celebration. Like most couples reaching that milestone, they looked back on the challenges along the way that tested and strengthened their relationship. One of those challenges was facing ovarian cancer.

As a grateful cancer survivor, Carmela ensured that Princess Margaret Cancer Centre was integrated in an  important way into their 50-year celebration. Carmela and Vito made a donation to the Centre in lieu of favours at the reception, and asked their guests to make donations in support of ovarian cancer research at The Princess Margaret in lieu of gifts.

Carmela is grateful to her guests for their generosity. “I feel quite strongly that Vito and I might not have 
made it to this wonderful milestone if not for the tremendous skill, expertise and compassion of Dr. Barry Rosen. Ovarian cancer is a deadly disease, and we want to support the researchers and physicians like Dr. Rosen who are working so hard to care for their patients while figuring out how to detect this disease earlier and treat it more effectively.”