Brandon Arama

Brandon AramaBrandon Arama got an early start in getting involved with his family’s passion for raising money for Dr. Mark Minden, a cancer researcher at The Princess Margaret. In 2005, at the age of 5 Brandon started his first lemonade stand in front of his house.

Supporting the Princess Margaret is personal for the family. Brandon’s mother, Jennifer, had a cousin who passed away at age 30 from burkitt's lymphoma, and her family has been raising money for Dr. Minden’s research for many years. “Brandon wanted to get involved and we wanted to show him the spirit of giving. In the Jewish tradition this is called amitzvah,” said Jennifer.

In the last five years, the lemonade stand has gone from the front of their house to a nearby gas station and on to a Shoppers Drug Mart where is has been for the last few years. Brandon has been helped by other members of the family including cousins, twin brothers and step brothers. Brandon’s family lemonade stand has raised over $5000 over five years. This is added to over $700,000 raised for the original family fund, named in their cousin’s honor.

“We know this money is going to be used well,” said Jennifer “people get worried when giving to charity that the money will not be used well, but we know this money goes right to the hospital’s great research.”