Barry Boulanger

A watercolour picture of Terry Fox hangs proudly on Barry Boulanger’s wall at home. Barry was so inspired by the Canadian hero that he decided to become a monthly supporter of The Princess Margaret and help further cancer research. “I was impressed by his courage and determination to find a cure for cancer,” says Barry who joined Partners for Hope more than 20 years ago.

“Like countless others, our family has been touched on several occasions by the effects of cancer,” explains Barry. “To give even a small monthly donation to the Partners for Hope is not difficult, and multiplied by several thousand donors, it adds up to a considerable amount that will assist the dedicated team of researchers at The Princess Margaret.”

Barry hopes others will join him and choose to give monthly. “This is a pledge you will never regret,” says Barry. “It is a commitment that gives patients the hope and courage to keep on fighting.”

To join Partners for Hope, please contact Karina Wong at 416-946-4501 ext.3107

Reviewed: October 2013