Archie Forsyth

Archie ForsythArchie Forsyth is a lucky man.  In 1940, he volunteered and valiantly served with the Royal Air Force during WWII for 5 1/2 years.  He was also fortunate to find not just one, but the two loves of his life.

Married twice, he unfortunately lost both wives to cancer.  Archie lost his first wife, Josie, after 28 years of marriage, and Jeanne, after 22 years together.  “A total of fifty years of happiness,” as Archie describes it.

As a special tribute to his late wives, Archie decided to include a charitable bequest to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in his Will.  “It was something I felt I needed to do,” he says of his decision.  “I wanted to honour my dear Josie and Jeanne.”

Over the years, Archie has also given generous donations to The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.  With his bequest, his legacy of support to cancer research will continue to live on in the names of Josie and Jeanne. Reviewed: October 2013