A special way to remember a special young man

Ian Lawson Van Toch was beloved by all who knew him.  He loved life and was grateful for all the opportunities that came his way.  When he died of heart failure at the tragically young age of 22, he had started on the path to his dream career.  He was conducting cancer research in the lab of Dr. Igor Jurisica at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, specializing in the area of cancer informatics.

To keep his legacy alive, his friends and family organized an annual bike ride from Kingston to Montreal.  In their first three years, they raised over $168,000 for the Ian Lawson Van Toch Cancer Informatics Fund which now totals $250,000.  The goal of the fund is to provide opportunities for other young scientists to experience the same thrill of discovering their passion and to help them launch their careers in the field of cancer informatics.

Already the fund has allowed Dr. Jurisica to create two paid summer internship positions, establish a memorial lecture series attracting some of the world’s most renowned scientists in the field of computational biology, and introduce an annual award for excellence in the study of cancer informatics demonstrated by an undergraduate student.

For more information about this ride and the fund, please visit www.team-ian.org