A Strong Family … continuing Lindsay’s legacy

Very few people understand the strength it takes to face a cancer diagnosis, difficult treatment, and then the ultimate disappointment better than John and Jo-Ann Bolger.  They lost their daughter Lindsay to a rare type of brain tumor at the age of just 26.  
From the very beginning, Lindsay must have known that her battle with cancer would require enormous strength—her own and her entire family’s.  She created the B-Strong ‘brand’ and logo, and started fundraising for cancer research almost immediately after she received her diagnosis.
Just as Lindsay inspired others with her kindness and selfless determination, so do her parents and her brothers, Michael and Ryan.  They are true leaders in the community of Markham, demonstrating for all how to make positive things come from their tragedy of losing Lindsay.  In 2011, Markham Council unanimously proclaimed that April 22 (Lindsay’s birthday) be named B-Strong Day. 
Their vision for B-Strong Day is helping others—contact a friend who is ill, drive someone to an appointment, volunteer in your community, or participate in the B-Strong Walk. 
B-Strong fundraising activities have raised over $205,000 for cancer research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.