Donor Stories

Jamie Bras

Jamie Bras had a wonderful start in life. He grew up with a father who loved helping other people. “He had a remarkable reputation for just being there for everybody who...

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Ray Scapinello

Through thirty-three years, Ray Scapinello was arguably the best known of all National Hockey League officials. Darting across the ice like an insect on a pond, Scapinello...

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Brandon Arama

Brandon Arama got an early start in getting involved with his family’s passion for raising money for Dr. Mark Minden, a cancer researcher at The Princess Margaret. In 2005,...

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St. Michael’s College School

Students from St. Michael’s College School walked 5km and raised $17,000 for cancer research at The Princess Margaret. “The Walk is part of a school wide Spirit Week aimed...

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Rob Buren

Little did long-time cyclist Rob Buren know but that his morning ride on October 5, 2008 would change his life forever. In the blink of an eye, he went over the handlebars...

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Michael Fessaha

In December 2005, Michael’s father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His frequent visits to the hospital for chemo treatments had impacted Michael, and as his journey was...

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Augusta Campoli

Augusta Campoli is raising money for cancer research at the ripe old age of 9! Augusta hopes to grow up in a world that conquers cancer.

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Kitty Cohen

Every Walker has a story; a compelling reason to be involved in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. One particular story emerged as arguably the most inspiring of the 2008...

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Tom Ehrlich

Tom Ehrlich was treated for cancer at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and when he asked his doctor how he could help the hospital that had just helped him, Dr. Mary...

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