Donor Stories

Randy Mellon

Randy Mellon is part of a very select group—supporters of The Princess Margaret who have walked in all 10 of The Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers events...

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Delia Deacon

If you are a parent of young children and being treated for cancer, you have the additional worry about the impact of your disease on them. How much do you tell them? Do...

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Robert and Maggie Bras

The Robert & Maggie Bras and Family New Drug Development Program came into being January 2001. Robert Bras was being treated for Prostate and Gallbladder cancer at The...

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The Tea Party

From 1996 to 2003, the Tea Party was managed by Steven Hoffman. A non-smoker, Hoffman was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2001 and lost his battle with lung cancer on October...

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Adam Dick and Two Crown King

Doing their part to support cancer research, a group of young musicians and music producers came together to produce and promote Ben’s Song. This song, written by Adam Dick...

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Chad Cieslik

While many people wore pink articles of clothing to exhibit their support (and both the CN Tower and City Hall were lit up in pink to show their support), Chad stepped out...

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Jean-Paul Basacchi

I went to visit the doctor on Monday, January 3, 2011 and had an ultrasound. Two days later, I received news from my urologist that I had testicular cancer. It was a...

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Johnny Reid

Having lost his granny and a member of his band to cancer, the cause is important to him, and, in his wonderful Scottish brogue he explained, “I’m just so happy to be part...

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Mark Baldwin

It’s dreadfully hard to lose a husband who is just 48 years old and a young father, but Jeannie Baldwin is clearly someone who will spend the rest of her life looking at...

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