Team Noble has Impact

Team NobleParticipating in a well-organized event like the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer provides organizations with a wonderful opportunity to ‘team build’ within their own company, and give their employees a chance to get involved in an important cause, while doing something healthy, fun and memorable.

Ken Marks is a Regional Quotations Manager at Noble who has participated in the Ride since 2008, and he believes that the event is remarkable. In 2011, his president Michael Storfer and other leaders in his company decided that they wanted to encourage their employees to participate as well. So they embraced this corporate team building opportunity, and scaled it in a big way. Noble is a wholesale plumbing and heating distributor with 1400 employees across Canada. Last year, 82 of them, or 7% of their workforce rode in the Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer and raised over $320,000. In 2012, they expect to almost double their participation to 154 riders. Noble has a proven track record for supporting the community, and their support of the Ride is a great example.

To see organizations embracing the team-building opportunity and doing it so well gets the Ride organizers ‘pumped’. As Steve Merker, the Chief Cycling Officer for The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, loves to say “It doesn’t get better than win-win-win. The cancer centre wins through the extraordinary financial support provided by the Ride participants, the company wins by having engaged and motivated employees, and employees win by stepping up to a physical challenge and being part of an epic event.”

Noble wants each of their employees to be successful and have a positive experience, and to ensure that they do, they organize spin classes in the winter months, plus Saturday and Sunday morning outdoor training rides, and group fundraising events. “The bonding that takes place among our staff just in the preparation has been incredible,” says Ken, “and then to experience the event itself as a team was an amazing emotional experience for us all.”

He’s very proud of their fundraising success, and says “Fundraising is the most challenging part of the preparation, so we’ve divided our riders into small working groups, with more successful and experienced fundraisers helping newcomers. Each group runs a number of fundraisers from bar-b-que lunches and raffles to silent auctions and golf tournaments. Everyone works together, and appreciates the chance to work with people in other departments.”

For me personally, “The Ride provides a great opportunity to talk to and get to know other people in my company that I wouldn’t otherwise get to spend time with. It’s pretty cool.”

Team Noble is very grateful to their vendors, customers and many friends who have said ‘yes’ when Noble employees have asked for their financial support of The Princess Margaret and the critical mission to conquer cancer in our lifetime.


Reviewed: October 2013