Pfizer Canada

A partner in the pursuit of Personalized Cancer Medicine
Dr. Martine Hubert, Director – Medical Affairs, Oncology – Canada, Pfizer Canada Inc., with Dr. Suzanne Kamel-Reid

To continually raise the bar in cancer care, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre needs to partner with organizations that have similar goals. Pfizer is one of those partners. 

In 2012, The Princess Margaret launched the IMPACT and COMPACT clinical trials to test the use of genetic sequencing in matching patients with advanced disease to drugs that are specifically designed to target the mutation(s) identified in their tumours’ genetic profiles.  Genetic sequencing of tumours, blood and bone marrow is an important part of the cancer centre’s mission to deliver Personalized Cancer Medicine to patients, and the goal is to make it a routine part of the diagnostic and treatment process for all patients at The Princess Margaret within the next five years.

Pfizer Canada is providing funding of $1 million over the next four years to support the genetic sequencing program. The clinicians at The Princess Margaret will use these funds to prove the efficacy of sequencing in diagnosing a patient’s cancer more precisely so s/he can receive the most effective treatment for their specific cancer.

“We’re very grateful to Pfizer for their financial support,” says Dr. Suzanne Kamel-Reid, Head of Clinical Laboratory Genetics and Director, Molecular Diagnostics at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. “Like us, Pfizer sees the potential of genetic sequencing in moving us to a place where targeted therapies can be matched precisely to the patients most likely to respond to those therapies.”

The funds provided by Pfizer Canada will be used to hire additional staff, train current staff in the use and understanding of this new diagnostic tool, and improve procedures so that higher volumes of genetic sequencing can be performed with even greater accuracy.