Excited about Immunotherapy? You should be

Imagine if your immune system could fight and kill cancer. That idea has been around for decades. Scientists at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have made great strides and have taken that idea from theory to practice.
The Tumor Immunotherapy Program (TIP) at The Princess Margaret is the first program of its kind in Canada and just one of a handful around the world. Our team is made up of experts in the fields of immunology, oncology, genomics, bioinformatics, pathology and surgery.
TIP is co-directed by Drs. Pamela Ohashi, a world-renowned basic and translational immunologist, and Lillian Siu, a world leading medical oncologist. At The Princess Margaret we are integrating our TIP program with two other key programs: the  Drug Development Program (DDP) and the Cancer Genomics Program (CGP). These three programs form a synergistic triad that supports Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s core vision to deliver precision cancer medicine.
Here’s Dr. Ohashi with more on immunotherapy and why it’s an exciting and promising area of cancer treatment.