Collaboration with Local Communities


Collaboration is a required ‘fuel’ for a research and teaching hospital, especially one on a mission to conquer cancer in our lifetime.
Our scientists and healthcare staff invest considerable energy co-authoring papers as well as participating in associations and on boards. There is a recognized responsibility to share new discoveries, to stay current with the discoveries of others in the same field, and to raise the standard of care for all cancer patients.

Southlake Regional Cancer Centre

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has also developed formal partnerships to facilitate collaboration on an institutional basis. An excellent example is the partnership established in April 2007 with Southlake Regional Health Centre.
Southlake Cancer Centre

Southlake has established a major cancer centre which includes surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation facilities, to serve the very fast-growing York region of Ontario. “Good partnerships need to be win-win in order to really thrive, and this partnership with Southlake allowed their cancer team to benefit from our clinical research and education programs while we enhance those programs by testing them and implementing them in a new setting with new staff,” offers Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director of the Cancer Program at The Princess Margaret. 
By having access to other cancer patients, The Princess Margaret researchers will also have the opportunity to expand clinical trials and tumour banks.
IMPACT (Integrated Molecular Profiling in Advanced Cancer Trial) and COMPACT (Community Oncology Molecular Profiling in Advanced Cancer Trial) are two clinical trials being run by Princess Margaret Cancer Centre that will help advance Personalized Cancer Medicine by basing treatment on the molecular profile of each patient’s tumour.
Launched on March 1, 2012, IMPACT is the first Canadian comprehensive molecular profiling program that seeks to provide doctors with specific cancer gene information so that each patient’s treatment can be tailored to his/her specific form of the disease.
COMPACT is the next stage in the evolution of Personalized Cancer Medicine – taking the model out to community partners beyond The Princess Margaret. Like IMPACT, COMPACT will focus on breast, colorectal, ovarian and non-small cell lung cancer but will involve 500 patients per year being treated at other centres within a 200km radius including:
St. Michael’s Hospital
Mount Sinai Hospital
Credit Valley Hospital
Durham Regional Cancer Centre
St. Joseph’s Hospital
William Osler Health Centre
Trillium Health Centre
Royal Victoria Hospital
Grand River Regional Hospital
Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre
North York General Hospital
Southlake Regional Health Centre
Markham Stouffville Hospital
Toronto East General Hospital
Patients will be referred to COMPACT by their oncologists and come to The Princess Margaret for testing and to consent to the trial. A report (along with suggested treatment options) will be sent back to their primary physician to be reviewed with the patient. Treatment may take place elsewhere. 
This will help us create a Personalized Cancer Medicine network that will benefit patients beyond The Princess Margaret!
Through the IMPACT and COMPACT studies, over 2,000 tumours have been sequenced.