The world’s first MR-guided radiation therapy suite

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre operates the world’s largest and most advanced single-site radiation medicine program, delivering treatment to over 400 patients every day.  The centre has a highly- productive radiation research program that is continuously implementing enhancements that make radiation treatment more safe, precise and effective.
This year, under the leadership of Dr. David Jaffray, The Princess Margaret begins operation of a first-in-the-world magnetic resonance (MR)-guided radiation therapy suite.  The high quality MR images allow physicians to see in great detail how tumors are responding to the radiation, so adjustments can be made during a course of treatment.  This is a new area of radiation medicine referred to as adaptive radiation therapy, and our scientists and physicians are leading the way in defining how this should be implemented.

In the new high-tech suite, an MR scanner mounted on ceiling rails (so it can move in and out of three different areas) is used to increase the accuracy of both external beam radiation as well as brachytherapy—the precise insertion of radioactive sources directly into a patient’s tumor.