Survivorship and palliative care programs that support patients at all stages of cancer journey

Cancer treatment—surgery, chemotherapy, radiation—takes a huge toll on the body, so most patients experience physical side effects, from hair loss to major issues with speech and mobility.  And then there are the emotional side effects.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s Department of Psychosocial and Palliative Care focuses on helping patients manage their side effects—both physical and emotional—and minimizing the suffering when the cancer can no longer be controlled.

Our palliative care clinicians are experts in pain management, and develop personalized strategies for each patient, which may include medication, palliative radiation, meditation techniques, music therapy, psychiatric or spiritual care.  Together with Kensington Health Centre, this team was instrumental in establishing a hospice home to provide end-of-life care for central Toronto residents.

SarahRose Black, a classically-trained pianist and music therapist, knows about the healing and soothing effects of music and how her patients respond when she plays a variety of instruments with them and for them.  Some of her patients have composed music with her help.

Our award-winning Survivorship Program includes group workshops on common side effects including lymphedema and ‘chemo brain’ along with more specialized programs to help patients recovering from major surgery that impacts their ability to chew and/or swallow.