Creating the country’s most technologically advanced cancer operating room

Our team of 62 surgical oncologists, led by Dr. Jonathan Irish, is mastering techniques made possible by the latest endoscopic tools, imaging technology and surgical robots to remove tumours with the smallest of incisions (they have even removed tumours without any incision!). 

Thanks to our donors, we have state-of-the-art facilities like our Guided-Therapeutics operating suite where our surgeons, engineers and imaging specialists have built a customized dashboard that allows the surgical team to see where all of their instruments are in relation to critical organs and structures.  This is the country’s most technologically-advanced cancer operating room, and only patients on research trials are treated here.

Wherever a tumour is located, it is critical to preserve as much of the affected organ as possible. The first breast lumpectomy was performed at The Princess Margaret in 1959, and we are pioneering similar procedures for kidney cancer today.

Despite advanced surgical techniques, many patients require complex reconstructive surgery following the removal of their tumour. Our team is constantly refining and enhancing techniques that restore a breast or a jaw or a voice box to ensure the best possible quality of life for our patients.

To ensure our surgical expertise is shared with the world, our surgeons publish the results of their research in high-impact scientific journals, and each year we train over 50 surgical fellows, many from outside of North America.