Advancing Surgical Robotics

Surgical RobotWhile technology has been changing the way we navigate in our vehicles, record our daily lives, and communicate with friends and family, it has also been revolutionizing the way that surgeons do their life-saving work. Improved surgical tools and techniques allow surgeons to be more precise and minimally invasive, so the impact on the body overall is greatly reduced. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) allows patients to recover more quickly and completely.


The Princess Margaret has a surgical robot now being used by our gynecological surgeons to get to tumours and the organs they have spread to with the tiniest of incisions. Endometrial cancer is the most common of the gynecological cancers, and the robot now allows MIS to be performed on 70 percent of women who require endometrial cancer surgery.

MIS is now used in over 65% of radical hysterectomies which are required for many women with ovarian or cervical cancer. Three of the six gynecological surgeons are now trained in the use of the robot, and the hope is to acquire the funding needed to have all six trained.