Clinical Research & Care


Cancer was once thought of as a single disease that affected many different parts of the body, but researchers now know that each patient’s cancer is different, even if...

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New Clinical Trial

Molecular profiling, sometimes referred to as genetic profiling, is a new technology that involves testing the genes of a tumour to identify the unique mutations or...

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Dr. Michael Milosevic

“We’ve not only shown that men do worse if they have low oxygen levels (hypoxia) in their prostate cancer, but that they also do worse over a shorter period of time,” says...

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Molecular Profiling

Oncologists have suspected for some time that a percentage of their cancer patients are not benefiting from the drug therapy they are receiving.

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Dr. Ralph Gilbert

Treatment for cancers of the head and neck region sometimes requires the expertise of surgeons who are also highly skilled in facial reconstruction. Aggressive tumors can...

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In Memoriam: Dr. Robert Buckman

On October 9, 2011, we lost a physician who all would agree was ‘one of a kind’. Dr. Robert Buckman helped thousands of patients at The Princess Margaret, and around the...

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Volunteers at The Princess Margaret

This group of people are critical to the work that happens at The Princess Margaret on a daily basis – who are they? The 450 volunteers who generously give over 40,000...

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Empowering Cancer Patients

The Patient Survivorship program is a tremendous example of what is possible when women advocate for themselves, for other patients, and their friends and family. Women...

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