Tumour Immunotherapy Program

Tumour Immunotherapy Program

Immunotherapy is rapidly gaining recognition for its potential to change the way we treat cancer and to join chemotherapy, radiation and surgery as a fourth pillar of cancer treatment. 

Within the international scientific community, it has been long understood that the immune system has the ability to conquer cancer.  We’re now at a point where this knowledge has started to become translated into treatment possibilities for cancer patients.

We have already seen numerous success stories of cancers fought and lives extended through immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is based on the principle of using the body’s own immune system to combat disease.  The Tumor Immunotherapy Program (TIP) at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is the most comprehensive immunotherapy program in Canada.  Drs. Tak Mak and Pamela Ohashi are world leaders in understanding the individual components of the immune system and how they generate an immune response against cancer. Dr. Lillian Siu and her team also play a big role in the TIP program.  Their focus is on discovery and drug testing in order to take advantage of natural accelerators that can be activated to stimulate the immune system.

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