Basic Science Research

Dr. Igor Jurisica

Igor Jurisica is a Canada Research Chair in Integrative Computational Biology, focusing on cancer research, and a Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Institute, University...

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Dr. Hitoshi Okada

Dr. Hitoshi Okada plays basketball as a hobby, but spends most of his time bouncing ideas around as new recruit of Ontario Cancer Institute at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

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Dr. Peter Cheung

In Dr. Peter Cheung’s lab, the cancer biologist is researching a signaling process that tells cells to grow or die. He works with proteins called histones around which DNA,...

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Dr. Suzanne Trudel

Dr. Suzanne Trudel's research focuses on new drug development. She specializes in multiple myeloma, an incurable but treatable type of blood cancer confined to bone marrow....

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Dr. Jeremy Squire

We’re on the front line of helping develop new ways to detect changes in cells and genes that can predict cancer. This is what we mean by Advanced Cancer Diagnostics. We...

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