Meet the Cancer Heroes: Lloyd Davidson


My name is Lloyd Davidson I am a patient at Princess Margaret.

I have finished treatment about two years ago for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

As part of the treatment I lost probably 75 per cent of the muscle mass on my body.

Keeping my balance was difficult and standing for any length of time etc.

I was really weak. After about a year or a year and a half in, after I ended my treatment, I saw my oncologist on a routine visit and I said, 'I'm just not recovering.'

I'm just not even close to recovering. He said, 'On a scale of one to 10 where would you rate that?' 'I'd say a 2' and he said, 'Ok I'm going to refer you to the Cancer Survivorship Program.'

One of the things I noted that was very different about the Survivorship Rehab Program is it's a program custom-designed for each patient. It's a very specific set of exercises meant to strengthen specific muscle groups and improve balance and stuff like that.

I'm a handy guy around the house I never hired a handyman in my life.

I fix things, I remodel things, I'm a gardener and I'll be back into gardening this spring for sure.