Meet the Cancer Heroes - Lionel Strang

Hi my name is Lionel Strang.

I was diagnosed in September 2014 with Stage 4 melanoma. 

I was so scared when I came here and the thing that I pretty quickly noticed was how, matter of fact everybody was.
They didn't paint a picture that didn't exist. They weren’t afraid to tell me the truth... I literally come here and I think of this as The Land of Oz and I think of this as... They're looking after me.

I consider myself to be unbelievably fortunate enough that I had the wherewithal to come here.

It's crazy to think that a doctor would say to me, I'm sorry Mr. Strang you have Stage 4 cancer and you more than likely will be gone in less than 8 months.

And here I am almost three years later sitting here going, what an unbelievable experience.

I feel like a have a responsibility to Dr. Joshua and my nurse Elena and Dr. Spreafico and Dr. Li, to get the most out of each day.
Whether it's riding my motorcycle or going to a baseball game or whatever. I feel I need to just to enjoy life…

It's a gift, I mean I came here and these people gave me a gift.