Meet the Cancer Heroes - Lance Morrison


My name is Lance Morrison I'm a patient through Princess Margaret and I have head and neck cancer. Now I had head and neck cancer 15 years ago. I did 35 rounds of radiation, a little bit of chemo therapy and got on with my life.

And hit the five year mark after that, I thought... I'm out of the woods, there's no issues other than some side effects from the radiation.

So let me get this straight, my cancer is back, I can't talk, I can't swallow and you're going to punch a hole in my tummy? They said yes....

Not only did they not give up on me, but they really took care of me. I made it through the chemo, made it through the immunotherapy… and now because of this place I'm making it through life to the point [where I went from]

looking absolutely impossible. Now I'm here, and still going.