Meet the Cancer Heroes: Crystal Joy Hall

Hi, my name is Crystal Joy Hall.

I’m a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in June of 2015.

One of the amazing things throughout this whole journey really truly was the introduction of the Magic Castle. 

It became this safe and nurturing environment where my son was able to go and be away from the hell that’s cancer and be in an environment where he can play, he can learn, he can grow, he can laugh, he can be a child.

He was 23 months old when I dropped him off there and he was with Magic Castle for 20 months.

And it's not just what Magic Castle does for the child, it's what the staff and more particularly, Alketa – who is the early childhood educator – does for the parents.

She opens that door and you're in a world of warmth and well, magic.

It becomes not just the hospital where you were treated at. It becomes your network, it becomes your community and in many ways, Alketa, she's an extended part of the family for us. She was my son’s guardian angel.