Meet The Cancer Heroes: Robert Kyle

I'm Robert Kyle. I'm currently a patient at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.

As a result of prostate cancer that developed about a year and a half ago. The treatment of which has been complicated by the fact that I've had a heart transplant two and half years ago.

The best part of the process I found were the doctors and the staff and the way I've been treated here.

The doctors that I dealt with especially here, they said everything.  So when you're prepared ahead of time it makes things a lot better. I found that refreshing and I found it comforting and it really helped. So even when you're going through pain it’s not so bad because you know why it’s happening.

So as far as I'm concerned these people are here because they want to be here, and because they really care about patients. And that comes right through in the treatment.

I must admit that it was a little scary at times because as soon as people mention cancer...  All of these visions come up... All of the things that we think we know about cancer are totally different when you're actually a part of it.