Meet The Cancer Heroes: Helen Amenta

My name is Helen Amenta. I've had two breast cancers and a Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

Well my journey started in 2002 and it’s been a hard road. 

By the time I found out I felt like I was going down into a whirlwind. 

I was introduced to The Princess Margaret, to my doctor here and she said I had Stage 4 breast cancer. 

So, I had to go on chemo like, immediately.  The first six months was very hard…but then I started to fight back.  

Care and the treatment at The Princess Margaret is very good because you have every help you can. 

Well, the volunteer [work] I do here is helpful because I find it satisfying that I can help somebody else, bring their anxiety down if it's the first time they're going to be here and they get a diagnosis. 

I can let them know what it's like because I was so nervous in my journey. I didn't know anything, so my anxiety was very high and at the time usually people say "cancer," and that's, like, a death sentence and that's not true. 

You can live with cancer for a long time, there's cures for some cancers -- some are not [curable] -- but you can live a pretty normal life. 

What inspires me is my son. Both sons but I have one that is, he's an Asperger's son. And he inspires me to the limit.

 He pushes me and he makes me feel, you know, I'm there to help him and so forth, so he's my inspiration at all times.