Meet The Cancer Experts: Robin Forbes

Meet Robin Forbes. In her own words:

My name is Robin Forbes. I'm a social worker, I'm the social work practice lead for Princess Margaret.

My mother was actually a nurse at Princess Margaret. She used to work in the [Princess Margaret Cancer Centre] Lodge on Sundays. And so, I actually have this very positive association with the Lodge because my dad would drop her off and then buy me and my brother donuts.

But because my mom did work here, we talked about cancer all the time. It was a normal thing to talk about. 

So, when the opportunity presented to work here, I always kind of knew I want to work in cancer care.

I can't imagine not working in oncology. There's just something really special about being with people in a really tough time. Regardless of what your prognosis or the outcome is going to be, I think cancer brings your mortality to the forefront. So, to have an opportunity to work with somebody to assist them in what is inevitably going to be a rough patch in their lives, it's just so fulfilling.

The strength and tenacity I see in people every day and I'm always amazed by what people can cope with and their own endurance.

This is a wonderful place to work. Everybody really is dedicated to working to help people with the effects of cancer and a diagnosis and really to make the best of what is a very difficult and challenging circumstance. That's the best part of the job.