Meet The Cancer Experts: Lee-Anne Stayner


  Meet Lee-Anne Stayner. In her own words:

What inspires me is being part of the ground-breaking work that is being done in immunotherapy. I guess just helping people and making a difference day to day.

We're making a bigger impact on patients' lives than we were a few years ago with immunotherapy.

I can think of one particular young woman and when I met her, she was quite unwell. Her quality of life was poor. After about three cycles of treatment, I really saw things turn around.

To be on sort of, the cutting edge and what's happening now in cancer research is really exciting. And especially working with these patients who are so excited – you know, they come to Princess Margaret specifically seeking out these types of trials.
And to be able to enroll them and see them actually see them get onto the treatment and the difference that it's made in their lives.